A bad day's fishing is better than a good day at work

South Eastern Anglers and Toorak Fishing Club are an Incorporated Organisation that is run by an elected committee of management.  Below you will find the contact details of the committee’s office bearers.

Committe Contact Details

Name: Fred Kober  Phone: 0417 006 338  Email: president@seatac.org.au

Name: Michael Besirevic  Phone: 041903530   Email: seniorvp@seatac.org.au

Name: Craig Hannington  Phone: 0430290168 Email: juniorvp@seatac.org.au

Name: John Vincent  Phone: 0409095714  Email: secretary@seatac.org.au

Name: Colin Barton  Phone: 0419548454  Email: assistsecretary@seatac.org.au

Name: Neil Rayner  Phone: 0429954150  Email: treasurer@seatac.org.au

Name: Andrew Newton  Phone: 0401715162  Email: assisttreasurer@seatac.org.au

Name: Geoff Larsen  Phone: 0417309977  Email: fishing@seatac.org.au

Name: Kevin O’Neil  Phone: 0413764595  Email: assistfishing@seatac.org.au

Name: Russell Walker  Phone: 0457303327 Email: house@seatac.org.au

Name: Sam Tonna  Phone: 0417318021  Email: boat@seatac.org.au

Name: Currently Vacant  Phone:   Email: social@seatac.org.au

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