Club House

Bookings are arranged through the Chairman of the House committee. Booking in order of preference, is Members, Members immediate families and Members visitors up to a maximum of 2 for any one period, unless given dispensation by the Committee. Every person staying overnight at the Club House must inform the House Captain and fill in the ‘House Register Book’ with the names of those who have stayed, including the date and length of stay.

A gold coin donation is required for the use of house tank water in the washing Member’s boats.   No Motors are to be flushed out at the house – this excludes the club boat.

Any excessive noise, disturbance or anti-social behaviour, especially that affecting neighbours, will result in limitation of access to the house.  Alcohol consumption at the Clubhouse must be limited so that others are not inconvenienced and safety is not prejudiced.

House Keys are available for financial members on a $10.00 refundable deposit.  If a member is reported to have stayed overnight in the Club House without adhering to the house rules, the Executive Committee will decide on the required action and, if such a breach occurs again, he or she may be required to hand back the Club Key.

Visitors are allowed a maximum of 3 stays.

Club House Booking Requests

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