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Club Boat

In order to be eligible to be considered as a Boat Captain for the club boat you must meet all the following criteria.

  • You must have a current Vic. Boat Driving Licence and have some boating experience & skills.
  • You must have some knowledge and experience of Westernport tides, winds and wave patterns.
  • You must have been on a recent Club Boat trip and been shown all the safety gear on board, how all our boat equipment operates and experienced the cleaning and refuelling procedures for WP Marina.
  • You will need a “fob” key for Westernport Marina at Hastings (They require a $50 DEPOSIT – obtain your key through the CBC, Andrew Newton (0401 715 162).
  • Boat Captains (BC) must first of all phone (or text) the Club Boat Captain (CBC) – Andrew Newton (0401 715 162)- to check if the boat is available on your preferred day. This operates on a “first in” basis. To make it fair for all members, you can only book one single day trip at a time (exception being one two-day trip, if you are staying at the house and they are weekend days).
  • Once your date is APPROVED by the CBC, you then phone Westernport Marina (5979 7400-our Club Boat number is S75) by 3pm the day before to book your launch time. If you CANCEL your trip for any reason, you must inform BOTH the CBC and WP Marina ASAP. If you are more than one hour LATE for your launch time, phone WP Marina, or they may retrieve our boat.
  • BCs must provide the CBC with the NAMES of all people going on the trip (for insurance reasons). Any guest must be signed in as a Probationary Member (Forms on the boat – $50 per trip) at the start of your trip because only members can use the Club Boat.
  • BCs must ensure the CORRECT PAYMENT is made to the club online bank account within 7 days. When paying, ensure the word BOAT, trip DATE and BC’s INITIALS are shown clearly (e.g. Boat- Feb 7- AN), which makes it easy for our treasurer to cross check. The rate for 2022-23 is $40 per adult member on board.
  • BCs should inform all coming on a trip that they will require a current Vic. Fishing Licence and that no alcohol can be taken on board the Club Boat. Children MUST be over 5yo and wear a suitable size life jacket when on board (these are NOT provided by the Club). No PETS are allowed inside Westernport Marina or on the Club Boat.

Please Note:

  • The Club Boat is not allowed out if winds are forecast to be over 20 knots
  • Our Club allows a maximum of 4 adult persons and a minimum of 2 adult persons on board the Club Boat.
  • The Club Boat will be kept at Westernport Marina for 6 months, from the start of November until the end of April.
  • During the so-called Whiting “off season” the Club Boat will be kept at our Warneet house. We envisage it will be available for member use, but procedures have not yet been finalised.
  •  Our Club recommends that all people on board wear a LIFE JACKET at all times.
  • Before starting the motor, the OIL LEVEL MUST BE CHECKED (if topped up, do not overfill).
  • After starting the motor, check that the PETROL GAUGE READS CLOSE TO FULL (inform the CBC if this is not the case – otherwise your group will be paying extra $ for petrol used by the group before yours).
  • Carefully observe the Marina 5 knot speed limit until out of the Channel (same on return).


  • BEFORE using the anchor (up or down), always turn motor ON (reduces battery use). When bringing anchor UP, first move boat forward a little to reduce the load. ALWAYS WATCH the anchor rope carefully & retrieve slowly.


  • To prolong our motor & for safety, avoid travelling at over 4500 revs.
  • You are in the CLUB BOAT, so ensure all angling regulations and boat safety protocols are followed when fishing or travelling near other boats.
  • No scaling or cleaning fish on the Club Boat (however, there is a Club scaling bag on board for members to use). No cleaning fish when inside the WP Marina waters. WP Marina does NOT have a fish cleaning table, but there is one for anyone to use nearby at the Hastings Public Boat Ramp.
  • When you finish fishing, ensure the bait board is thoroughly cleaned before returning to WP Marina.

Upon returning to Western Port Marina:

  • Firstly, dock at the FUEL WHARF. For safety reasons, TURN OFF THE MOTOR AND ALL ON BOARD MUST GET OUT OF THE BOAT. When filling with unleaded 91 fuel, put the nozzle well down into the tank (this ensures early cut-off, thereby avoiding overfill & fuel expansion problems). Payment is by credit card only & you preselect a $ amount (unused fuel is credited back to your card). It is best to select a high $ amount, say $50 or more, and then be credited with a refund, thereby ensuring that the tank is close to full.
  • After restarting the motor, BCs should finally check the fuel gauge reads close to full before leaving the Fuel Wharf. The fuel cost for your trip would usually be divided up equally between those on board.
  • Secondly, dock on the SERVICE ROW for retrieval. Normally put motor UP (this tells WP staff to take the boat OUT – if boat is to stay in, leave motor down). Take all your gear out of the boat and remove your trip rubbish (bin beside gate). Then attach the club hose (in the boat) to the Marina fresh water supply outlet. Take out the 4 boat mats & wash them down. Open boat drainage outlets & flush the inside of the boat (leave outlets open). Then replace our mats. Don’t forget to detach our hose & return it to the Club Boat. Vital – ensure the sounder, anchor & BATTERY are all turned OFF. Then the front part of the canvas cover can be clipped on, but leave the back section open, allowing WP staff access to flush the motor later on. Leave the two boat cleaning towels hanging from the holes on the side of the bait board.

 NB – If the service row is ever full, you dock the boat on D block row & phone the Marina office (inform them of the berth number you selected). Follow the same procedures outlined above, as for the service row. You can leave via the D block gate (N.B. – your fob key may NOT open this gate from the outside).

Finally, BCs must REPORT ANY PROBLEMS with motor/ boat/Marina to the CBC Andrew Newton (0401 715 162)- a.s.a.p. on the SAME day (remember another member may have booked the boat for the NEXT day).


Club Boat Booking Requests

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